“We know the problems, we have the solution”

The electrical generation centres and electric Transformer Stations are vital infrastructures which have recently became subject of thefts. The usurpers main target is usually the copper and metal elements. These thefts, premeditated in most cases, can even bring a temporary paralization of the facility, leading to a electricity supply cut for the users connected to them and to economic losses for the undertakings entrusted with its management.

RACALARM can provide you with a definitive solution so that the protection of these facilities don't become a problem. We have an extensive experience securizing electrical transformer stations, supply networks and photovoltaic solar plants, with installations along Spain and the UK.


“Our commitment with this sector's clients”

The networks and water supply facilities are one of the most vulnerable points of our environment. Many times they are away from urban centers, making them an easy target for the theft of metal components. These thefts create inconveniences to users and significant costs for the companies entrusted with its management. Protect the areas where water is located is one the RACALARM's commitments with his sector clients.

We can offer you professional advice and different technical solutions, depending on the enviroment where the facilities are located and also on the results obtained after a risk assessment. Besides security measures, the control of strategic points is a key aspect in the management of water networks. The Waterflow Control Service has been designed exclusively for the sector companies disposed to benefit from the latest technology in waterflow control.

Commercial Areas

“A new approach on protection and surveillance”

Along with the creation and rapid proliferation of large shopping areas and shopping centers has arisen the need to adopt new approaches in security and surveillance, in accordance with the specific needs of these facilities. The parking area control and occupancy control are not only useful for protection, they also provide data and tools for the management and for optimizing the staff and the facility's resources. When a video surveillance systems is combined with an image processing and video analysis systems, enables a non-intrusive monitoring, beneficial for both the customer and the company.

These systems allow tracking peolple or goods across multiple cameras, to monitor restricted areas, the detection of abandoned objects, prowlers and stolen objects, just to name a few of its most remarkable possibilities. RACALARM is aware that today security goes beyond the installation of alarms, therefore only designs and installs high quality solutions, subjected to the most stringent international controls intended for the protection of people, goods and services.

Urban Environments

“Effective and intelligent control of public spaces and restricted areas”

The need to implement security and surveillance systems to assist in the management and control of these spaces is constantly growing. Countries like Germany and the UK have spent several years using video surveillance systems attached to video analysis applications for efficient and intelligent control of public spaces and restricted areas.

These systems have proven to be effective reducing the number and impact of intrusions and vandalism acts, as well as being useful for traffic management, vehicle number plate verification and access control. Besides, they enable a more efficient personnel management and human resources allocated to the tasks of monitoring and surveillance by centralizing all images in a single point.

Critical Infraestructures

“We cooperate with the Police to provide you professional solutions”

Following the European directives in Spain came into effect last April 28 of 2011 the Law for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures. Within this legal framework , those companies operating in vital sectors for the economy and common welfare such as water, energy or communications that get included in the CI catalogue, must take the necessary measures to tackle deliberate attacks which could mean a cease in the provision of their services that lead to serious damage for the population.

This involves the appointment of an internal safety officer, who should develop the necessary studies to elaborate an Operator Security Plan (OSP) and a Specific Protection Plan (SPP) with the protection measures for each infrastructure. RACALARM cooperates with the Police, the Emergency Services and diverse companies in this exact situation, so can provide you with advise and professional solutions, tailored to the specific infrastructure protection needs.


“Si hay un lugar en el que necesitamos sentirnos seguros, es en nuestro hogar”

Every day we become witnesses through the news of burglaries and delinquency acts. Alarms and security systems have proven effective in the first place, acting as a deterrent, and secondly, by facilitating the Police and Emergency Services action.

Today's technological advances allow us to offer you a wide range of affordable solutions, tailored and easy to use to protect your home. Because if there's one place where we need to feel safe, it's at our home.