1. Intrusion

The anti-intrusion solutions consist of creating monitored spaces by devices that alert occurs when an undesired access happens, even in areas surrounding the main area, and therefore increasing the effectiveness of the security system.

The needs of each installation are different, so we recommend a site survey and proper planning, to effectively protect all access points.

Solutions: Intrusion

2. Fire

The fire detection systems alert when a fire is produced in a given area. It's also possible to install additional measures to limit its spread.

There's a variety of fire detectors. To the well known smoke detectors for its widespread domestic use, infrared barriers and heat detectors are added for areas with higher risk of fire.

Solutions: Fire

3. Video Surveillance

The video surveillance systems are particularly useful in identifying intruders for its localization by law enforcement. They also can be used for remote verification of alarms, to make surveillance rounds from the AMC or to control the entances and exits of personnel or materials.

Among its most attractive features are the ability to remotely access the images and recordings in real time from mobile devices and computers, image storage up to 30 days and the recording by motion detection.

Solutions: Video Surveillance

4. Access Control

It's the smartest solution to achieve a balance between the need of security and flexible access when it's necessary to track the people and / or the vehicles that come in and out the facility, in a non-intrusive way.

There are two kinds of solutions to achieve it, Autonomous or Centralized. They both allow the use of keyboards, keychain readers or more sophisticated fingerprint reading or iris recognition systems.

Solutions: Access Control
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