History and evolution of RACALARM

We are a young company, founded in 2012, compounded by a technical, commercial and administrative team with over 25 years experience in the private security sector.

Along this time we've grown exponentially thanks to the trust of our more than 1,800 clients in Spain. Currently we're also working in the United Kingdom securizing solar plants and major infraestructures.

This experience has lead us to rely only on top brand materials for our installations, allowing us to ensure a high quality work.

Our way of working, professional and demanding, has made possible the collaboration with some of the most prominent companies in the industry in order to develop and improve new products and services.

Our Partners


To achieve excellence in our processes, systems and products, exceeding our customers expectations.


To be in the top ten of security companies and to be recognized as a model of quality and commitment.


Responsibility, Trust, Respect and Honesty. Professionalism, Dedication and the Recognition of a job well done.

Added Value

Environmental Awareness

Since its inception RACALARM opted to communicate with its clients via online in order to reduce paper use, taken several actions for its reuse when it wasn't possible.

Since 2012 we've reduced paper usage by an 85%, our goal is to reach 100% through awareness campaigns and by enabling an online area for customers requests in the near future.


Since 2012 La Torreta College of Elche entrusts us to train their students of electronics and these trainees are our first choice when we need to recruit new members for our team.